Company History

On-Site Fuel Service, Inc. was founded in July, 1996 as a subchapter S Corporation in Jackson, Mississippi by Greg Nethery. On-Site Fuel Service, Inc. is Mr. Nethery's second successful business launch of an on-location vehicle fleet service company. On-Site Fuel Service, Inc. started as a sister company to On-Site Fleet Service, Inc. ("Fleet") to expand the company's product offering. Fleet was founded in 1986 as a vehicle maintenance company that concentrated on providing maintenance services to utility, postal and freight companies.
Greg Nethery performing PM’s in 1986

The maintenance services were very similar to those provided by lube centers around the country after the demise of the full-service gas stations. The difference was that all services were performed on the customer's location with customized mobile shops inspiring the name, On-Site Fleet Service, Inc. Fleet was dormant while Mr. Nethery focused his entrepreneurial energies on On-Site Fuel Service, Inc.

The concept of On-Site Fuel Service, Inc. was developed in 1996 by Mr. Nethery. The Environmental Protection Agency ("EPA") enacted legislation regarding underground storage tanks, which made it necessary to replace all old style tanks with newer, more efficient models within a two-year deadline. Tougher regulatory requirements and higher fines were levied for the pollution of ground water with gasoline seeping out of faulty tanks that were in use. The EPA began an on-going crackdown on under-ground storage tanks (UST's) to insure compliance with the new regulations. These UST's were required to meet all requirements before year-end 1998. Clean up was costly, and insurance premiums have risen accordingly. However, governmental legislation is only the beginning of a plethora of reasons why On-Site Fuel Service, Inc. has been enormously successful.

On-Site Fuel Service, Inc. has grown from its original single location in Jackson, Mississippi to now servicing more than 700 accounts in 12 states providing fuel services to an estimated 11,000 vehicles per day. The original tanker truck and two employees now include 66 additional trucks manned by a staff of drivers who are managed and supported by a corporate staff. In 1996 the Company tracked purchases and sales manually creating paper invoices. Today each driver utilizes handheld computers to scan bar codes on customer vehicles allowing for accurate and efficient sales tracking by vehicle and easy daily electronic communication with the Company's computers in the Corporate Headquarters. On-Site Fuel Service, Inc. does offer e-commerce capabilities to its customers. Sophisticated customers such as City of Orlando and Orange County Florida are able to log onto the Company's computer system and generate reports, as well as, receive electronic invoices and make payments via electronic funds transfer. The United States Postal Service enjoys a program with On-Site Fuel Service with a jointly developed virtual fuel card that prevents fraud.

On-Site was ranked #113 of Small Businesses in America by in 2005, and moved up to #12 in 2006. The company received commendations from the United States Postal Service and Southeastern Freight Lines in 2005 for Emergency Service/General Overall Service in 2005 for outstanding performance following the worst hurricane season in our nation’s history. In 2008, On-Site ranked in the top half of the “Inc. 5000”.

“We Come To You” in good times and in tough times…when you really need us!

A Family Tradition

The maternal Grandfather of the President worked for 50 years to age 76 laying the pipelines that fuel our country and the terminals where we pull fuel. His paternal Grandfather and great uncles worked with the Hunt’s to open up the oil fields in Central Louisiana, Oklahoma and Texas. A tradition in the fuel service industry continues into the next generation.

Left: Maternal Grandfather, J.O. Russell laying pipe near Charleston, SC

Great Uncle, Ted Nethery (left center) with his crew drilling near Brookhaven, MS

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