Real Value

What On-Site offers your organization:

  • SAFETY: On-Site's drivers are thoroughly trained and certified to handle hazardous material and emergencies. (SPCC, Best Management Practices & HM232 and other Safety items available upon request via email)
  • VALUE: Whether it's a dedicated time for fuel, an electronic fuel usage data file or a dedicated fuel tank, On-Site can help you solve your fuel needs and concerns while reducing overall costs.
  • CUSTOMIZATION: On-Site Fuel Service is team-oriented and focused on each individual customer's needs. In fact, we can work with you to deliver billing in ways that will integrate with your systems, thus resulting in reduced accounting time.
  • DEPENDABILITY: On-Site Fuel Service fuels approximately 11,000 vehicles per day. We service many customers who depend on us for timely and dependable fuel service, even in times of emergencies - Averitt Express, AAA Cooper, ABF, YRC Freight, Southeastern Freight, USF Dugan, American Freight, United States Post Office, and many other customers have come to depend on On-Site's service.
  • AVAILABILITY: On-Site Fuel Service is founded on customer service. And we offer 24 hour customer service availability. We don't have voicemail so you will always reach a person who can assist you immediately.
  • LOYALTY: At On-Site Fuel Service, loyalty to our customers is valued as the utmost importance next to safety. We will do what is needed to earn and KEEP your business.

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